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Algorithms and Scientific Computing Technologies (ASComT) Nigeria Ltd is established as a venture whose goal is to offer the best training in applied sciences and technology to meet an increasing demand from students, professionals and global enterprises for excellent education in technology. By providing an access point in the country for training in advanced and applied science and technology, ASComT delivers hard-to-find contents designed to complement the technical requirements and global outlook of our trainees and enable them to compete with students and professionals in developed countries.​ 



We are already seeing increasing demand, both inside the country and globally, in the courses that we offer in applied and interdisciplinary teaching in scientific software, including data analytics, human computer interaction and security and we are focusing more strongly on these areas by increasing our links with industry and business and taking a strong lead in developing the country.

We have a strong engagement in a whole range of areas including industry, science and business. We foster innovation in our teaching and research by employing some of the world’s leading experts to deliver our courses. We also continuously increase the breadth and depth of our academic portfolio and external partnerships with academia, business and industry in order to further strengthen our links and innovations that have already helped many graduate students and professionals in different ways. We offer high quality training to students, academics, educational institutions and commercial organisations.
We have experience in training professionals and students who came from various backgrounds (such as from electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace and automotive control, computer-vision and robotics, econometrics, mathematical finance, geographic information science, computational biology, physics, computational biology, among others) or who have gone ahead to study Masters and PhD degrees in dynamics, control systems, applied mathematics, embedded systems, information, communication, electrical, mechanical, and chemical process engineering, financial modelling, financial economics, computational finance, mathematical finance, computational biology, chemistry and other fields.



The courses listed in this section are currently available for booking. Because all of our trainers have background in research, you will learn from academics at the cutting-edge of their disciplines. These academics draw on the latest thinking and developments relevant to the training courses and directly feed them into their teaching.
₦55 000.00

This course introduces you to programming using MATLAB language from basics

₦55 000.00

This course teaches you to master basic programming tasks from scratch

₦155 000.00

This course is about doing data science and machine learning

₦315 000.00

This course is about doing data science with R

₦45 000.00

This course provides a thorough introduction to C++ programming language

₦125 000.00

. This course provides a thorough introduction to Android programming language


Our training courses give you excellent experience in different areas. The challenging examples we give range from off-shore structures to manufacturing, robotics to expert systems for diagnosis, information processing, measurements, control, and finance. We aim to provide you with skills to meet modern challenges.
₦195 000.00

An introductory course to Programming in Python for kids

₦315 000.00

This course is a comprehensive treatment of the fundamentals of neural networks

₦195 000.00

A further course to Programming in Python for kids