Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Consulting

Data mining (sometimes referred to as machine learning), the extraction of hidden and predictive information from large datasets, is a powerful technology with great potential to help institutions and companies focus on the most important information in the data they store. Machine learning is a particular application of artificial intelligence which is now increasingly powering many activities in our daily lives, including:

 – Fraud detection;

 – Web search;

 – Real-time context-sensitive ads on web pages and mobile devices;

 – Loan scoring;

 – Predictive analytics;

 – Pricing models adaptation;

 – Spam filtering;

 – Biometric authentication;

 – And many more.


ASCOMT is a leading scientific computing and technology consulting solution provider for health care, commerce and trade, manufacturing and industry, education, financial services and national security. Our company specializes in offering innovative, value driven solutions that help clients manage and analyse data.


We deliver integrated solution or provide data scientists and data engineers to complement in-house team of computer scientists and database administrators. Firstly, we will help your organisation define a problem that can be solved by manipulating your data and suggest how exactly you can benefit from new information. Then, by using one or more of data mining techniques, we will help you restructure and clean your dataset so it can be further optimized for efficient modelling. Finally, you will possess a custom-built algorithm that will address your business objectives and set your data science initiative on the path to success.


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We offer businesses solutions to their problems with industrial strength data science technology. Our goal is to enable our clients with the same machine learning techniques that have made the world's largest enterprises successful.


Health Care

With massive amounts of clinical and patient data, we provide innovative solutions in the health care sector. Our company works for clients to deliver agile health care solutions that allow clients to adapt to a range of internal and external drivers. We offer customized solutions that leverage data mining algorithms to improve overall patient monitoring efficiency, at-risk patient identification, diagnostic accuracy, and many more.


Banking and Financial Analytics

We help banks and other financial service providers to build a financial analytics solution for them to cover credit scoring, fraud detection, risk analysis, client analysis, trading exchange forecasting, and many more. This will let them predict if a client is creditworthy, to effectively cross-sell and up-sell, and evaluate customer behaviour.



Data mining is becoming increasingly significant around the developed world in allowing government agencies to make proactive, knowledge-driven decisions. Many governments’ agencies already collect and refine massive quantities of data but these data, collected by traditional statisticians, are utilized only for a specific purpose. Consequently, this leaves these institutions with large, untapped, and unexplored databases which traditional statistical techniques are not optimal for analysing. Data mining emerges as an essential tool as it has the potential to exploit such large databases by identifying relationships and discovering patterns that would otherwise remain unnoticed.



ASComT (Nigeria) Ltd is already seeing increasing demand, both inside the country and globally, in the services it provide and it is now focusing more strongly on increasing its links with government, industries and businesses and taking a strong lead in developing the country.



Our in-house team of engineers, scientists and programmers all have degrees (and some, with PhDs) in areas of applied mathematics such as control systems, system identification, artificial intelligence and data-mining. They are trained and certified to deliver excellent customer value through services based on specific domain or industry knowledge.



Starting with the initial enquiry, we will talk with you about your vision and end goals, understanding your needs and concerns and breaking down the complexities of the process in order to make the goals understandable and achievable. We apply a wide range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques to meet specific requirements of our partners and clients.