Computer Coding Club for Kids – Level 2

Computer Coding Club Level 2: More on Programming in Python


About This Course: Today’s children are growing up in a radically different world to the one their parents knew as children. As recent as 20 to 30 years ago, parents use computers that are slow and equipped with small amount of memory. Today, kids have on their fingertips computers that are more than 100,000 times faster and more than 10,000,000 times larger amount of memory than computers used by their parents. Moreover, their computers are connected to almost every other computer on earth and have access to almost every piece of human knowledge, nearly instantaneously.


Today’s education system, particularly in Africa and for the few lucky children, focuses on teaching students how to write Word documents and has largely ignored the explosive growth of computing and the internet. In a world where telephone calls are answered by software, shopping are done online, TV programmes are delivered over the internet, why shouldn’t every child learn to code?


Britain has a very proud history of excellence in computing, and in this course, we’ll be covering one of the excellent books available for training children on how to program which is published by one of Britain’s best known university and publisher, Cambridge University Press. At ASComT, our goal is to nurture these children as pioneers and entrepreneurs in computing technologies. Coding is all about learning how to think and see the world in a new way – a combination of mathematics, logic, algorithms, and other fields. From coding, children are able to learn to divide a very complex problem into manageable and simpler ones in order to develop an efficient and general solution to the original problem. Computational way of thinking has application in engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, finance, business and marketing, archaeology, and many other fields; it therefore goes well beyond software writing and development. It is a skill every child today should learn – it will help your child to understand and master technology of all sorts and to tackle problems in almost any discipline.


Once a child learns how to code, he/she is able to create amazing applications whose capabilities are only limited by his/her imaginations. It is this power of creativity that ASComT (Nig) Ltd intends to put in the hands and minds of Nigerian children. 


Training Cost: ₦ 195,000.00    


Why Use Python To Teach Children?   

Python is general-purpose and powerful programming language developed by Guido van Rossum in 1989. Some of the main advantages of using Python programming language for teaching children how to code include the following:

• Python is relatively easy to learn.

• Coding in Python is easy to read and understand

• It’s free – Python is free of cost and open source.

• It’s dangerous! It has a lot of power, but with that comes responsibility. You have to use your power for good and not for evil.

• Python has a large library of modules and packages that are available as part of its “standard library” that extends its functionality. Other very helpful modules and packages can be downloaded separately at no cost.

• Python is flexible: It contains the best features from the procedural, object-oriented and functional programming paradigms.


Who Uses Python?   

Nowadays, Python is being used in about every field. It is used in:

• Space science

• Particle physic laboratories

• Astronomy

• Graphics and games

• Civil, mechanical and electrical engineering

• Medicine


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Course Dates: 
Saturday 6 January 2018 – Saturday 10 March 2018


Course Time: Saturdays, 1pm – 4pm, 6 Jan – 10 Mar 2018


Prerequisites: Basic IT skills and the completion of our course Computer Coding Club for Kids – Level 1 (Introduction to Programming in Python)



Information on how to book one or more of our courses can be found here .


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Key Features
Further introduction to the world of coding
Handy hints and comments
Learn to code several fun applications
Learn to customize applications to make them truly yours
Learn to lay out apps with widgets
Learn to customize GUIs
Learn about tuplets, lists, and dictionaries in Python programming language
Learn to design algorithms
Data types
Building GUIs
Designing a simple calculator
A fully working calculator
Customising the calculator
Putting them all together